" D'Avalos Palace"

Sala Mascagni The restaurant "Corte d'Avalos" is situated in the heart of the castle, which is characterised by two tall towers (one quadrangle shaped, the other pentagonal), adorned by roof gardens and surrounded by Roman and medieval archaeological finds. The restaurant is decorous, discreet, and exclusive and it is suitable for those who love distinction and good food.

hall of the forties This "treasure" has many different halls that were once noble, reserved and official spaces. Some of its old furniture belonged to the composer Pietro Mascagni. In the restaurant you can elegantly live the happiest moments of your life. Either public or private ceremonies are carefully looked after in an efficient and refined way.

Biliard hall"Corte d'Avalos" welcomes smaller banquets as well, you can eat " la carte" in the so called "Billiard Hall". The wine cellar boasts a selection of white and red wines. These latter are preserved in medieval caves situated beneath the pentagonal tower.

the castle by night